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Throughout the year, we provide classes for the local community in a number of areas of interest. See the classes offered below. Note that not all classes are listed here, if you have questions about something specific, please contact us here

Bee Keeper


Beekeeping is a great way to not only produce high quality local honey, but it's also a great way to help keep the bee population going. As an agricultural community, we understand the value of our greatest ally, the pollinators.


Learn to make beautiful quilts from quality materials. The earliest known quilted fabric is dated to Ancient Egypt around 3400BC. The practice has evolved and is practiced around the world, still alive today. 

Making a Quilt


Join us in taking some as simple as yarn, and crafting it into garments and decorations. Homemade knitted goods make wonderful gifts around the holidays!

Adult Art Class

Often times as adults we are guilty of not indulging in our creative sides, lets change that! Adult Arts classes are a great way to relax after a long week of work and explore your creative side. 

Painters Palette
Kid Painting

Childrens Classes

Children love expressing their ideas in the form of art, it is believed to be very beneficial for their development.

We also provide cursive classes for children at MMCC. 

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